Catch Fire Day 28

Catch Fire Day 28                      Holy Priesthood                      1 Peter 2:1-10

On Thursday, I visited a man, who was our former church member. He was one of our charter members. When there was theological disagreement about some issues he left our church. However, he lived still nearby our church and kept friendship with our church members. One of our church members called me, saying that he was in a bad situation. He was in a hospice program. So, I went to his house to pray for him.

I brought my violin. I played for him “In the Garden,” “Amazing Grace,” and “How Great Thou Art.” Then I prayed for the peace of his soul and for the confidence as a child of God. His two daughters, who married at our church, were there with us and two neighbors were with us. After my prayer, they shared his life stories and his contribution to our church. The daughters gave me a picture in which he was building our church’s first building, Oglsby Close Hall.

The next morning, on Friday, I got a call. He passed away 1:30 AM in the morning. The daughters appreciated my visit and said how wonderful the timing was. I said to them that God used me to tell him how much God cared for him and loved him. Even though I am just a normal human being, God can use me as a holy priest! The same God can use you also as holy priests! We just need to obey to the call!

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