Catch Fire Day 32

Catch Fire Day 32          “God’s gift in the time of crisis”   Acts 8:1-3


I was invited to the graduation ceremony of the PSR (Pacific School of Religion). Jose Ramos, one of our church attendee, is graduating this year. He came to our church as God’s gift to our church!

Last year, after the Korean congregation left from our campus, there were couple congregations who wanted to use our facility. We were also in financial crisis. The contribution from the Korean congregation was substantial. So the offers from diverse congregations were attractive. One of them was Spanish speaking congregation. However, I wanted to start a Spanish speaking group in our own church. So we said no to the group with vision and faith. And we started praying for the new possibilities for our church. Then one day Jose came to me. He wanted to start a Spanish speaking congregation. He was a member of other UMC and a certified candidate in our conference! I gave thanks to God and asked him to start his ministry. Now five Spanish speaking people are meeting every Sunday!

Sometimes God is working in a mysterious way. Persecution made all the disciples to be scattered away. Then the new mission started all over the places. I pray that our new Spanish speaking group should witness the same mysterious work of God in our area.

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