Catch Fire Day 33

Catch Fire Day 33   “Pure motive and clean heart”   Acts 8:4-25


I visited one of my church members this morning. He signed for the DNR (Do not resuscitate) paper long ago. However, this morning, his doctor ordered to put a wrist band on him. When he saw the wrist band which showed clearly the three letters, DNR, he was shocked! He knew that everybody was going to die. He thought that he could accept the reality without hesitation but he could not take it with peace. He wanted to live longer!

When I visited him I was also in hurry. I wanted to confirm that he accepted Jesus as his personal savor before he died. I wanted to know that he had this confidence in eternal life! So, I pushed him with many questions. He did not give me the answer that I wanted to hear! Finally I asked him, “Then why did you go to a church?” He replied, “What else? I wanted to be with other people!”

He was lonely. He wanted to be loved. He wanted to belong to a group of people who loved him. That was the way that he could experience God’s love! When I realized that, I dropped my agenda. I stop pushing him into the right answer. I decided to be his friend for his final journey on earth. Then we shared all kinds of stories. He told me his stories during the World War II and his early days of marriage. He shared his broken dreams and his struggles in his life. After a while, when I left his room, I knew that God was with him.

Many times, we want magical power to prove our usefulness and effectiveness. However, joy and freedom comes after we give up our goals. So, I ask to myself when I visit my church members: “How pure is my motive? Do I have clean heart?”

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