Catch Fire Day 34

Catch Fire Day 34      “Islam Seminar”   Acts 8:26-40


We had Islam seminar on Wednesday. One of the Muslim leaders in our area came to our church with the invitation from the chair of our Religion and Race committee. He shared what the Muslims believed and what Islam was.

The fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity is the confession of faith in Jesus. They confessed that Jesus was one of the prophets and we confessed that Jesus was and is the Son of the Living God and God. Even though we had such different identities we could find ways to live together on earth. We confirm that we could work together to make a peaceful world where no violence is accepted as a means of expressing one’s opinions.

We want to share our faith with other peoples on earth. However, faith in Jesus is the gift from God. What we can do is to share our love. We can work with others for peace in the world and for a community of love. Maybe God would open some hearts to Jesus our Lord in the middle of our working together!

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