Catch Fire Day 36

Catch Fire Day 36    “Holy Spirit”   John 14:15-21

I visited a church member who is in a housing complex for the retirees. I go there once a month to serve a communion. She loves it and wait for the date always. I am also waiting for the appointed time because she received the communion as if it is the best gift for her. As a pastor such attitude of the receiver makes the moment special.

She said to me that she did not feel left alone. That is actually what Jesus promised to us. Jesus promised in today’s passage that he would not leave us alone like an orphan. Jesus would be always with us. Such feeling of being with Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit. So, we enjoyed the Holy Communion every time as if Jesus was there with us.

Last Wednesday was special though. After the communion, she asked me to bring the communion to another church member who was in a convalescent home. She cared for him as Jesus cared for her. So I did. We became one in Jesus. We were all connected. He was amazed by the fact that she remembered him and cared for him. Who said that an elderly woman who could not move around was not able to touch other’s life? I realized that God was in Jesus and Jesus was in us. We were one in love.

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