Catch Fire Day 37

Catch Fire Day 37                       “A Spiritual Leader in the Making”               Acts 9:1-22

From time to time I talked to my children asking if they wanted to be pastors. My son and daughter said “yes!” when they were 5-6 years old but “no!” when they were in junior high schools. They still say “NO!” to the question and add some reasons.  “Too much work and too little pay!” was the answer whey they were in high schools but now the reasons evolve into diverse directions. “I do not want to hear all the problems that people have to talk to the pastors.” “I do not have patience.” “I am not sure whether I can live out what I preach.” “Frankly, I am not that holy.” Those answers reflect my life and ministry in one way or another and make me repent!

When I read the scripture and the questions in the Catch Fire meditation today, somehow, I thought about my children. Are they spiritual leaders in the making? Of course I pray for them all the time and it is natural for me to think about them whenever I read the Bible. However, I pray for other people too all the time. So, it can be an inspiration from God! I would pray for my children that God would get their attention!

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