Catch Fire Day 38


Catch Fire Day 38                                       “Mediator”                                            Acts 9:23-31


In v. 31 we find that the church was growing rapidly. “Meanwhile the church throughout Judas, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and was built up. Living in the fear of the Lord and in the control of the Holy Spirit, it increased in numbers.” How did the church grow?

The story that went before the statement is reporting about the work of the mediator Barnabas who introduced Saul to the church. We can say that the church grew because there were people like Barnabas. In other words, there were many mediators who brought peace among diverse groups and the church grew. Is it too simplistic?

When I came to our conference transferred from the Northern Illinois Conference, there were many Barnabas. They kept introducing me to other pastors and leaders of our conference. One of them is the Rev. Blake who is now working for this Catch Fire movement together. Our conference has many mediators who were willing to accept outsiders, strangers, and aliens. That is the reason why I have hope for our conference!

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