Catch Fire Day 39

Catch Fire Day 39              “Godly Interruptions”                        Acts 9:32-42

Phone rang. I was in the middle of violin practice. I sweat and toil with the songs that I have to perform in our church orchestra on July 4th at the Todos Santos Park in Concord. I tried to concentrate on the songs, ignoring the phone ringing. I just started the practice! However, a pastor could not do that. I gave in. I picked up the phone. “Pastor?  Would you meet me? I need your advice. I need counseling.” Total stranger! She was not a church member. “I will go to your office now.” “No!” I said. “My secretary went home and I am alone in the office now. I do not want to meet a woman after office hour alone in the office.” “But I need to talk to you!” “Well, then come to a public place where we can talk.”

So we met at a pizza place. Neither she nor I touched the pizza. She kept talking. She lost her husband and she did not handle her emotion and the whole situation well. Mostly I listened with occasional comments. After three hours of talk, she said, “Thank you for listening and meeting me with such a short notice. I am a stranger to you and you do not know me. Still you took time for me.” I said, “That is my calling and what I do. I want to deliver God’s love to you. God loves you and God is telling to you right now that God does not forget you. That is why I am here with you. However, from now on, I think you need a Steven Minister, who can keep confidentiality and walk with you in your faith journey. I will find a woman Steven Minister from our church.”

Today’s Catch Fire meditation says, “Pray for a rhythm in your daily life that allows for Godly interruptions.” When I read it this morning, I have to laugh. Yea, right! One day is not enough. Every day is the day of Godly Interruptions! Now I totally give up my schedule and wait and see what God is up to.

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