Catch Fire Day 40

Catch Fire Day 40                Boundary Crossing                 Acts 10:1-33

Our church custodian is Luis Pena. He speaks Spanish. When I was first appointed one year ago, I could not talk with him much because I could not speak Spanish. So, when I saw him, I just said, “Good Morning!” and when he finished his work and left I said, “Good Bye!” That was it.

When I found out that he did not come to church on Sundays and was not a member of our church I prayed for him. I tried to find a Spanish speaking congregation in our area but I found only Pentecostal church and Jehovah’s Witness gathering. So, I decided to have one Spanish speaking fellowship in our congregation.

God sent us Pastor Pepe (Jose Ramos) who graduated the PSR this May. He and I together led a new members class and Luis and one more couple finished the class. Then they were all received into our church. I baptized Luis and now he come to our church on Sundays. After worship services, they have their own Spanish Bible Study Class.

I also started speaking one Spanish word a day. Now, when I see Luis, I say, “¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo es usted?” Next day, I would ask, “¿Dónde vive usted?” “ “¿Es cercano?” The next day, I said, “”¿Qué es la dirección?” He laughed. I am crossing a boundary day by day. Someday, I would preach in Spanish to the Spanish speaking people! I hope that they can say, “So now all of us are here in the presence of God to listen to all that the Lord has commanded you to say” (Acts 10:33).

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