Catch Fire Day 41

Catch Fire Day 41               Surprise, surprise!            Acts 10:34-48

This year our annual conference invited the Rev. Adam Hamilton from the UM Church of the Resurrection. It is not surprising. He is a well known pastor and we love him.

Today, however, I have received a card from one of the church members. He wrote to me, saying, “I am a member of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection and my Senior Pastor Adam Hamilton will be speaking at your upcoming Annual Conference. Our church is praying for you pastor Lee and I wanted to write you a note of encouragement, as we all seek to change lives through Christ. Yours in Christ, Larry Green.” That is surprising! When the pastor goes out to speak somewhere else, the church members write note and pray for it! Such a radical hospitality makes the church grow!

I have already learned a lot before I listen to the Rev. Hamilton.  I hope that our Annual conference should learn and practice the same thing to experience the same growth!

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