Catch Fire Day 43

Catch Fire Day 43

Our sister Virginia Sincich passed away. When she decided to stay home and waited for God’s call it was expected. When I visited her she wanted to have some friends and church members to come over to her house. We announced her wish at choir and UMW circles. Then we had a long line of visiting wishes. Many people visited her and had wonderful conversations with her. When I visited her I played hymns for her and when we had Mary Sprayer from choir, we even sang together, “God is so good!”

On Friday, she asked to her son, “What time is it?” He answered “10:15” and started boiling water for a cup of tea for her. When the tea was ready, the son brought the tea to her and found out that she was with the Lord. That was a peaceful death. We cried together but we also celebrated together. We knew where she went. As Jesus prayed for Himself, the hour had come. Virginia glorified God’s name through her life. She has eternal life and rests in God. May God’s name be glorified!

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