Catch Fire Day 45

Catch Fire Day 45                              “Vital Congregation”                  Acts 11:19-30

I read the passage and found out some interesting facts.

1. The church in Antioch was started not by an intentional planting team. People were scattered because of the persecution after the martyrdom of Stephen (v. 19).

2. Some of them spoke to the Hellenists, not Jews (v.20).

3. The hand of the Lord was with them (v. 21).

4. Jerusalem church responded now by sending Barnabas (v. 22) who encouraged them (v. 23) and bore fruits (v. 24).

5. Barnabas added a staff (v. 25) and taught together one year to make them “Christians.”(v. 26)

6. They paid attention to the words of others (v. vv.27-28) and took actions (vv. 29-30).

Vital congregation starts with God’s initiative and human openness (1-3). It takes one good sincere leader who can cheer people up and discern and recruit team members for ministry (4-5). Then they respond to the need of their community and take actions with other people of God (6). I pray that every church in our conference, especially in our circuit, should take these three steps and serve God’s people together.

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