Catch Fire Day 46

Catch Fire Day 46

When my daughter was in an elementary school, she asked me this question: “Daddy, do you dream dreams?” I said, yes, honey, of course! She looked a little bit concerned. Honey, what is it? I pushed. She said, “Sometimes, people get shot and killed when they have a dream.” I found out that she learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. at school! Oh, no my dream is not that dangerous enough to be killed, I must confess. I have dreamed of happy family, growing church, and a loving community. Sometimes I pray for world peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts in the world.

However, it was not just dreams that put people in trouble. It is the action that they take. What makes difference in the world is also action. Of course, all the actions start with dreams. However, if we just dream about peaceful world and do not take any action, honey, do not worry! I will be safe. I am not going to be arrested or killed. I am not going to experience mysterious supernatural God’s intervention, either. So, honey, if you want me to stay safe, pray that I do not take any action! Or do you still want to pray for me take actions?

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