Catch Fire Day 47

Catch Fire Day 47      “Know your limits and Share your gifts”  Acts 12:20-25

I was appointed to our church last July 1. It has been a year. Our church members are so nice and they had a surprise party for me: one year anniversary party! They also gave me many gift cards like Safeway, Starbucks, Gas cards, and restaurant cards. I was humbled by their love.

I figured out that they gave me those gifts so that I could share them with others. So, I can buy snacks for our circuit meeting from Safeway when they meet at our church. I can buy coffee when I meet people at Starbucks. I can give rides to people when they need them. Yesterday and today, I met with our church staffs and volunteers whom I appreciated a lot. I had meals with them with the restaurant gift cards. Of course, there are many more people that I want to say thank you. However, I always am aware of my human limits. I do my best within my limits.

When we do not acknowledge our limits and/or enjoy all the privileges and gifts for ourselves, we will become like the King Herod. The Bible passage for today shows what happened to the King Herod. He acted like a god and use foods as means to control other people. However, God made worms to destroy his life!

On the other hand, when Barnabas and Paul delivered aids to the Jerusalem church, God made the church grow and gain adherents. All the good things come from God for us to share. If we act as Barnabas and Paul did, we would experience church growth also. If we act like the King Herod, we would be destroyed like him.

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