Catch Fire Day 48

Catch Fire Day 48                       “Prophets, Teachers, and Missionaries”                                  Acts 13:1-3

The Antioch church was active and diverse.  They had prophets and teachers. They received the words from God and taught them to people in the church. There were also Barnabas, who was from Cyrene like Lucius, Simon who was called Niger because of his skin color, and Manaen who was brought up with the king Herod. In other words, they were from diverse regions, races, and from social classes. The only thing that made them one family was the Word of God.

After they study the Word of God, they prayed, fasting. And they listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit. So, we know that the Bible Study and Prayer Meeting go hand in hand. They work together to make the congregation strong and powerful. They make all of us to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Then, they had fruits. They sent off missionaries. First, the church had Bible Study, then prayer meeting, and the appointment of missionaries for different ministries.  Isn’t that also the process of becoming a transforming church and a vital conference?

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