Catch Fire Day 50

Catch Fire Day 50

After our Sunday service one church member came to me, saying, “Pastor! I finished the Fire thing! I am catching fire now!” I gave thanks to God! Even though one person expressed her passion for the Kingdom of God, I believe that there are thousands of people like her in our conference!

Be: I know we are God’s children. We are called by God to do God’s work!

See: I can see that there are thousands of people who are fired up and ready to go out into the world to do God’s work in our conference!

Do: Now, we will continuously make disciples of Jesus our Lord and expand the Kingdom of God here on earth.

  1. Right after the Annual conference, we are going to have VBS, which will develop into after school program for the young people in our community.
  2. We are also going to perform music in our community part for the community on July 4th. Many of our church are going to the Todos Santos Park as choir and orchestra members but also as evangelists. Our church members, wearing our church shirts, will pass out gifts in the name of the love of God.
  3. We will continuously serve people through Steven Ministry and Christ Care groups and other small groups.

Our church is just one of the many wonderful churches in our conference. I believe that other churches are also going to do something wonderful. Let us dream and do great things together!

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