To my Evidentialist friends

To my Evidentialist friends

I love your passion for objective evidences

Without facts, we cannot start any interpretation.

Our Christian faith is based on the facts

Concerning the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

We also have some evidences in the nature

All the orders and designs in nature clearly shows that there should be an intelligent designer

Mere chances and passage of time cannot make an orderly complicated universe

There must be at least an inner direction for all the evolution

Such an inner direction shows that there is a purpose and meaning

In this seemingly arbitrary life

Sometimes it is shown through the eschatological eyes

So our universe is full of facts and evidences

However, how do you choose some facts and evidences?

Don’t you have a perspective or view-point in mind?

If you are a detective, you will collect only the evidences that have something to do with the case

Every mundane daily fact will just add confusions

Without facts, interpretation is not possible.

Without interpretation, however, facts are meaningless

Don’t you have your own perspective already?

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