To my Experientialist friends

To my Experientialist friends

You say that all the religion come from the experience of the Holy

That is true

Without such experience, we do not have religion.

Do you know what?

However, we need words and reasons to explain that experience.

Some call the divine The One, some calls the Unknowable

Some talk about the feeling of absolute dependence

These are all examples of frames and interpretations of the original experience.

Like the Zen Buddhism

You do not want to use words

You just want to sit there and be one with the Ultimate

Be careful!

You need to tell me whether you experience some evil spirit or true God

And also how you know the difference

If you cannot tell me in words

You have to say that you just know it because you feel it

Then it is just you and no community can come from it

Don’t you want to share it with others though?

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