To my Rationalistic friends

To my Rationalistic friends

You have a certain way to know God

Because you started with a certain thing

Cogito ergo sum

Is that what you say?

Or the argument that an idea necessarily has the reality!

However, it is a circular logic.

If you start with your own rule

You can be as consistent as possible and still be unreal

If you say one plus one equals two

Then of course two plus two is four

However, if we agree to use different rules, for example, one plus one is one

Then we should say that two plus two is two

Isn’t that the reason why Spinoza and Leibniz and Descartes are all certain about their worlds

And still hold different systems?

You have no error in your own systems of signs

But there could be other realities beyond the closed systems of signs.

Don’t you want to know the real God?

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