Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 22:1-14

Sermon in a nutshell: Matthew 22:1-14

Our God wants to
give us the best life that we can enjoy here and forever! In the Bible, it is
symbolized as a “wedding party.” There are many parties in our lives but the
wedding party is the best party that everybody gives the best effort for.  God is inviting you and me to the “heavenly
wedding party!” God says, “The meal is all prepared. I have butchered the oxen
and the fattened cattle. Now everything is ready. Come to the wedding party!”
What a privilege and honor?

obviously not everybody understands that it is a privilege and honor! People go
away “to their fields and businesses.” Some even “grabbed God’s servants,
abused them, and killed them.” Last Sunday we read about the “other” son who
did not do what he promised to do and “tenant farmers” who rebel against the
owner. Some people are distracted but some are wicked.

Last Sunday, we
also reflected on the Bible passage and confessed that we had all three kind
persons in our hearts. They are not just three different groups of people. We
can be all of them depending on our situations. Sometimes we act like the
faithful children. Sometimes, however, we do not keep our promises and we know
that. If we do not control ourselves and ask God’s help, this unfaithful part
of our selves would grow into wicked mobs.

When this
happens, we want to ask God to send cleansing and purifying fire in our hearts.
God would actually send “his soldiers to destroy those murderers and set their
city on fire.” In other words, God would not just strengthen our inner selves
but also remove those temptations from outside and protect us from the invasion
of outside attacks. When we sincerely ask God’s help, God will find “wedding
guests” from every corner of our lives and from every drop of the remaining
strength in our hearts.

Through God’s
Grace, we will be able to find time for Bible study and time for mission and
ministry.  God will provide some
resources for us to participate in offering and donation.  God will cure us and give us physical
strength to participate in church gatherings. God will touch us and be with us.
This is our faith confession. Sometimes, however, (                    ) sneaks into our hearts.
The Bible says that there was a person who was not wearing wedding clothes. In
the wedding party, they had the customs to hand out wedding clothes at the door
of the banquet hall. If you come in through the front door, you would have had
a wedding cloth. If you do not have a wedding cloth that means you came in
through the back door or other holes.
The guest feels that he or she is “not belonged here.” There can be many
reasons: It can be doubt, it can be bad experience that the person had in the
past. It will eventually tie his hands and feet and throw him out into the
farthest darkness! We have to overcome (                   ) to enjoy God’s heavenly
wedding party.

Jesus concluded
this story with this statement: “Many people are invited, but few people are
chosen.” Some love the world more and some rebel against God. Some come to the
party but still have (                ).
John Wesley once said, “There is no almost Christian. Either you are a
Christian or a non-Christian.” Let us respond to God’s invitation to the
heavenly wedding party with joy and enthusiasm!

  1. What has made you hesitate to come to God’s
    heavenly wedding party?
  2. What would you write in the parenthesis? It is
    something that prevent you to enjoy the party.

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