Hidden Roots

Hidden Roots



I pretend that I have no bitter roots

Hidden in the core of my existence,

I act at times like a stranger to myself


“I should hide them!” “Who would find them?”

The more I struggle to cover them up

The more clearly they show up in my agonizing memories.


Why don’t you dig up the ground? My friends would say.

You may get some showers of blessings! Caring voices whisper.

Some just stay with me silently smiling! Ah, the days of festival of my soul!


When the sun breaks the darkness of the night

I would not fear for the full exposure!

To the eyes of light, I would lay out bitter roots of memories

Till I can see clearly as The One would see

Till I can accept despairs and sorrows as blessings

Till I can sing the song of the Morning of Abundance,

Song of Hope, Righteousness, and Justice!

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