Sermon in a nutshell: “God Saved the People From Egypt” Acts 7:17-36

Sermon in a nutshell: “God Saved the People From Egypt” Acts 7:17-36
This is the second Sunday of Advent. Last Sunday we talked about HOPE! We have hope in Jesus because he has forgiven our sins and give us hope for eternal life with God. We have hope in us because we are also forgiven by others and we forgive others. We are not going to be judged by God or by others for what we have done in our lives. We are going to be saved by the blood of Jesus on the Cross and invited to the heavenly banquet by the power of resurrection. This is our Advent Credo, the foundation of our faith!
Even though we have not done anything for God, God has prepared everything for us and offered us salvation! We have been saved like that! This has happened again and again in the Bible.
For example, read the Bible and see how the baby Moses was saved. When he was born, the king of Egypt made a decree, saying that all the Hebrew boys should be thrown into the Nile River and killed when they were born! Moses was born in this oppressive condition. However, he was not killed! Moses’ mother could not throw her own boy into the river. She raised him for three months. Finally when she could not hide him anymore, Moses’ mother and sister put him in a papyrus basket and put the basket at the spot where the king’s daughter used to bathe. In that way, they technically obeyed king’s law but substantially saved the boy. When the princess found out the boy in a basket, she adopted him as her own son and raised him as an Egyptian Prince! Furthermore, the princess hired Moses’ biological mother as a nursing mother. Moses’ mother would be the only one in the human history who was paid to nurse her own son! That is God’s humor which makes us laugh.
Even though Egyptian king had power and might, he could not kill a baby! Even though he solemnly made a law, his own daughter betrayed him and raised a Hebrew boy in his own palace! God is stronger and wiser than any human king or ruler. And God used some compassionate women to save the baby’s life! In this Advent Season, God also needs some compassionate women! God would do all the work but God is looking for some women with whom God can share God’s joy!
This Moses grew and led people out of Egypt. When he was saved he did nothing but cry! When he led the people out of Egypt, he also did nothing but cry! Actually once, Moses tried to save his own people by his own fist. He killed an Egyptian who hurt a Hebrew slave. But the Hebrew salve whom Moses rescued did not appreciate his help. He rather rejected him, saying, “Who made you our ruler and judge? Are you going to kill me also?” So, Moses had to run away as a fugitive to save his own life. He had to stay in the wilderness as a shepherd for forty years. When he became 80 years old, God appeared to him and gave him a mission to do: Exodus. The whole story of Exodus is demonstration of God’s power and love. However, this time again, God used some men who had compassion for the people. God is looking for some men with whom God can share God’s joy!
During this Advent Season, we already know that God has done all the saving acts. However, God is looking for warm bodies who have compassion for the people in crisis. Are you one of them? Are you willing to share your love, money, time, and talent with others for God to save them?
• For whom do you have compassion? Whom are you going to bring to church to share God’s love?

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