Sermon in a nutshell: Acts 8:9-25 “Free Gift”

Sermon in a nutshell: Acts 8:9-25 “Free Gift”
Today is the last Sunday of the year 2012. When we reflect on our lives and ministries at out church, we want to give thanks to God. Nothing was our achievement. Everything was God’s gifts.
Foreign Mission
We were able to go to Guatemala with medical mission team and served them with love and cure. We also supported Chicuque Rural Hospital through direct service and donation. We could also invite brothers and sisters from Africa and shared their passion and joy of salvation together.
Homeless Mission
Locally, we partnered with Interfaith Council to serve homeless people through Winter Nights program. We had memorial service for the homeless people with Shelter, Inc. and other agencies. We served meals through Loaves & Fishes, SHARE, Meals on Wheels, and Family Shelter. We also shared our love through blanket Sunday.
We also served young people through Mid-Week program, which grew to 24-5 students and 8-10 adults volunteers every week. Our youth went to Sierra Service Project to build houses for the homeless people. We also supported young people in other areas through UMCOR health/School kits. We also established Ethnic Minority Scholarship funds to raise the leaders among ethnic minority students. We gave tons of toys for tots with the help of Bikers and Marines. We shared our facility with nursery and boy scouts to provide safe environment for our future leaders.
We participated in mission and ministries for women through Mary Elizabeth Inn, Gum Moom Women’s Home, and Church Women United. We participated in the School of Mission and UMW events.
We have had wonderful music ministries that praise God and inspire Christians. We have had Cantatas and Carol Sing. We had concerts and benefit concerts. We provide loving family for the music lovers.
Caring and nurturing.
Last but not the least, our have Steven ministers and Christ Care groups that care and nurture our members. When we need support spiritually and physically, Steven ministers always visit people and share the burdens with them. Christ Care groups provide safe and intimate environment where people can share their pains and inner thoughts without being ridiculed or judged. We grew deeper in our relationship with God through these gatherings.
All of these ministries are God’s gifts. We could participate in these wonderful acts of God through the Holy Spirit, Spirit of God. These are not done by financial resources. These are not done by political power. These are done only by God and God’s people who are inspired by the Holy Spirit.
The Bible tells us that from time to time there are people who want to acquire God’s power with their money, position, and title. One of the examples is Simon in Samaria. He was amazed by all the things that the disciples of Jesus did. He wanted to do those wonders himself also. So, he asked to the disciples whether he could buy God’s power by his money. He was like Solomon who tried to build a house for the Creator to stay in.
Brothers and sisters! We will have great ministries and mission next year because God is with us. Our children and grand children and great grand children will become great leaders because God is with us. Not our money, not our wisdom, but God’s Spirit will guide us. With such trust and faith, let us move onto the next year. Let us forgive all the mistakes. Let us embrace all of our weaknesses. God who has used us with all our flaws will use us continuously. Let us have hope for our future with this trust in God. Glory to God! Amen.

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