Psalm 3

Psalm 3

We are fine!

The psalmist deplores, “O Lord, how many are my foes!  Many are rising against me!”

We can relate to this psalm easily because we also experience the same feeling.

At our work places, in our own communities, sometimes among our friends, we feel that many are rising against me. Why do they oppose to us? This psalm does not just complain about life in general. There is a specific issue that people are against this psalmist. She is too religious! She always trusts God! So people laugh at her: “Many are saying to me, there is no help for you in God.”

However, the psalmist knows from her past experience that God would help her again.

“But you, O Lord, are a shield around me,  my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.”

So she prayed: “I cry aloud to the Lord, and He answers me from His holy hill.”

With the trust, I can go to bed and sleep well. When I wake up, I will find out what happened during the night. God works even at night.

“I lie down and sleep;  I wake again, for the Lord sustains me.”

When I experience this repeatedly, I do not have reason to fear of things or people in life.

“I am not afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around.”

I call on God again today: “Rise up, O Lord!  Deliver me, O my God!

                                           For you strike all my enemies on the cheek; you break the teeth of the wicked.”

The people who come to attack me with open mouth and grinding teeth will be blocked by God. I pray that other people also experience such assurance. So I pray:

“Deliverance belongs to the Lord; may your blessing be on your people!” Selah

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