Sermon in a nutshell: “Repeat your personal testimony” (Acts 26:1-23)

Sermon in a nutshell: “Repeat your personal testimony” (Acts 26:1-23)

My Story how I became a pastor

I was a law school student in Korea. I wanted to be a successful lawyer, meaning lots of money and fame. Then I went to Jeju Island where my mother served a local church. It was a small church. I did not see any adult members. It was a church for children and youth. Parents just dropped them off and used the church as a free day-and-night care center. My mother was happy, saying, “Sungho, this town will be Christian town within a generation!” She had a strategy! I saw what she did and helped her. I taught the Bible to the children and played with the youth. I loved it and I was happy. One day I asked my mother what if I became a pastor like her. She said, “Great!” That was it! I became a pastor!

What I do as a pastor: 3 VPS

To be a Christian for me meant to change my value, view-point, and vision according to the Bible. I now seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness first (Matthew 6:33). I see suffering as a means for me to grow spiritually (Job 1:22-23). I view death a transition from bodily life to a spiritual life (2 Corinthians 5:1-5). I value relationship with God and with other people more than gold and silver (Matthew 13:44-46). I dream a community where everybody loves each other and realizes his or her potentials fully (Acts 2:42-47). I believe these are biblical values, view-points, and visions (3 V). To realize this vision is my purpose and I have a plan. I look for partners for that all the time (3P). Then I will make life simple to share what I have and to serve God and God’s people (3S).

In my ministry, I try to influence 3 Vs of my church members through sermons and Bible Studies. I try to build a community where people can find 3 Ps through small groups and practice 3 Ss through committees and mission projects. That is my story.

Paul’s Story how he became a follower of Jesus

Here in the Bible, Apostle Paul told his story. He was a serious Jewish follower of the Law. His teacher was one of the famous Rabbis. He was one of the high ranking young men of the Jewish council. He believed that Jesus was a heresy sect leader. He wanted to get rid of all the followers of Jesus, who was crucified and died already. He was so sure about his conviction that he even went to Damascus to persecute all the disciples of Jesus.

Then something happened. The risen Jesus appeared before him! How can that be? He could not believe his eyes! Actually his eyes went blind! He saw the bright light from the risen Jesus and heard his voice! Now resurrection was not just a theory in a book or a theological idea but a reality! He could not deny his own personal experience! He had to admit that Jesus was real and He was the Son of God!

What Paul had done as an Evangelist

Then his life was totally changed. His value, his view-point, his vision was transformed. Now all the earthly fame and position did not matter to him. He now viewed Jesus as the Son of the living God. His vision is to establish the communities of the followers of Jesus and strengthen them all over the world. He found the purpose of his life and he found his partners. He was totally dedicated. Now he was willing to take risk of his life to spread the Good News for all humans.

What is your story? What are you going to do with it?

Now you heard my story and Paul’s story. What is your story? Repeat that every time when you meet your friends and family members. Convince them that you are now a different person! Show them the evidence of your transformation by your words and action. Bring them to our church! Form a group of joyful followers of Jesus. Can you make that your new year’s resolution? May God bless your dreams and faithful ministries!

  1. What is your story of your faith journey?
  2. What do you do with it?

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