Who are you?

My church member had an accident

She fell and broke her spine

Now she is stuck in an electric wheelchair, using 24/7 helper to survive

She wanted to give up her life

She thought that she was a burden to family and friends


I see her every month

I ask her questions, “Who are you?”

This current form does not define her

This immobility does not describe her

This handicap situation does not restrict her

Just find your God given image


Then I ask her how her youth was

How her motherhood was

How her marriage life was

And she realized that she had never been in a one same form

She has had many different outlooks constantly

Now this is just one of those many changing forms


So, who are you?

A cancer patient?

An elderly weak person?

A pastor of a small dying congregation?

Is that really you?

A divorcee who is lonely?

A mother who cannot help her children in whatsoever ways?

Is that really you?


You are the one the Creator loves

You are the one the Redeemer dies for

You are the one the Spirit is living with

So, Who are you?

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