How majestic is your power!

How majestic is your power, O God!

You created light first
with all the colors in it
and shared them in all of your creatures
How generous you are, O Lord!
You created sun, moon, and stars
Helped them to move around in this vast universe together
connected and not alone
How humorous you are, O My Master
You trusted us and entrusted all those creation to us
like infants we just play with them
forgetting all the jobs and tasks in hand, we made mess
How forgiving you are, O My Savior
you have forgiven us and is forgiving
knowing that we will not get better, we have been born with sins
You still love us and trust us
When I look around all the beautiful creation of yours
When I feel the warmth and freshness of your messangers
I praise you,
I trust you,
I confess that you are my all!

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