Thank you, my body parts!

I give thanks to all my body parts

My hands, you have done so many loving touching and serving jobs, thank you!
My feet, how many miles have you walked to visit the sick, lonely, and imprisoned? Thank you!
My eyes, you have read so many letters to provide brain foods, so many images, comforting heart, so many smiles, building relationships, thank you!
My reproductive organs, you have done wonderful job to make those beautiful children who are living their lives with hope, thank you!
My stomach, how many foods and unhealthy things you have to receive without complaints and make them energy for all, thank you!
My brain, you have struggles with me to find the right answers for all those theological questions that I cannot answer, thank you!
My heart, you have never stopped working even when I was unsympathetic to the miseries of other humans and stayed warm, thank you!
My lung, you have been the entrance of the spirit of God and given me life, thank you!
My hairs, you have come and gone many decades and still stay with me on top of my head to block the strong heat to protect me, thank you!
My flesh, you have not gone away even when I complain about your weight every time when I get on the scale, thank you for your steadfast love!
My blood, you keep running inside of me without ceasing, praying for my life, thank you!
All my cells, you have renewed yourselves everyday to keep me alive, thank you!
When I have to say good-bye to you all, I will remember your dedication and sacrifice. Even when I get a new body from God, your love will be remembered even under the earth!
Thank you! See you later in a new form, maybe in a flower, maybe in a butterfly, or in a star somewhere, please give me one signal that it is you!

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