Morning is here!

Dawn light feebly appear at the window

knocking faintly with sigh
Is there anyone inside?
Outside there is a feast of gods of lights
lights of rainbow colors
green grass, indigo skies, and sparkling morning stars
With all glorious invitation
corona virus patients refuse to go out
to ascend to the sky where gods live
Here those scarlet scary invisible invaders
sneak into the house threatening babies and elderly parents
robbed the mornings from innocent eyes
How long, O God
How long?
Can we sing a song of dawn again with joy?
Still the outside lover calls the fear stricken patients to come out
Fear not, the spring is here, winter is gone
This will pass by, my dear, this will pass by.
Morning, your companion is still waiting for you
Come out and walk with her! You are late! Come quickly!
Sun is smiling far over the mountain! Come!

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