A road not taken

When the enemies came to kill me

If I just decided to die

If I did not invented my own weapons to defend me

If I just got on a cross

 Everything would have been different.

When I advanced my knowledge of military systems

using science and technologiesmy

enemies made better killing machines and destroying technologies

to defeat me and my environment

We have not learned how to stop this vicious cycle of competition

Now we are all starving with thousands of atomic warheads

we are dying outside of hospitals when our missiles are rusted in storages

people have no homes and sleep on streets while weapons are in their safe places

We are afraid of each other without any hot wars

We forgot how to pronounce hope.

When young ones ask me how was my young days

I can tell them I used to listen to crickets at night

watching the moon, imagining a big rabbit pounding grain in a mortar

eating couple potatoes with grandmother

listening to an old old story of a tiger who used to smoke

You did not have a smartphone?

No computer?

No game machines?

No e-book or kindle?

No wonder why you are so boring

If I just died on a cross

at that time when my enemies came to kill me

Everything would have been different

I could have rested in peace.

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