COVID-19 Pandemic

When I read Leviticus

some of the regulations look weird

I do not understand them with my own reasoning

Many of them are not comfortable to follow

They are like CDC guidelines

do not sing in a sanctuary

do not hug your church members

no fellowship afterwords

Sit apart from each other at least 6 feet

They are meant to be saving lives

wearing masks in public

Social distancing unless in social bubble

those rules are more for others than for me

I read the book of Leviticus again

now it makes sense to me

I can picture the culture and society that they lived

and the fear and reality that they experienced

the most uncomfortable rules, though

are not Holiness Code but Sabbath, Sabbatical years, and the Year of Jubilee

Let all the slaves go free

Let all the debts be cancelled

Let all the lands be distributed equally among all and let them keep their lands

Let all start over again from the beginning

If only you can read with patience until the end of the book of Leviticus!

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