Book of Remembrance

Our memories are being burnt this morning

in Vacaville, in Napa, and in Fairfield

All those yelling and shouting of lightning

made the dry land to shout back with wildfires

Their old stories came to my backyard

with smoky smell of anger and frustration

bringing all the memories of evacuation and despair

as if COVID-19 is not enough

A small voice of hope

and the happy memories

come to me as soothing medicine

saying, remember, remember, and remember

The book of remembrance

survived all those disasters

crimes and sins

to tell us the story of God’s Grace

Now I remember

through the parallel universe

the future salvation

and the new heaven and new earth coming down to us

I remember the “kindom” of God

where everybody loves and cares for each other

where all creation rejoices God’s justice

I remember that it has come already.

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