Life in California

Have you lived in California?

I miss spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Those changes come with colors and winds.

Some hot, some cold, some with green leaves, some with white snow and icicles.

Here in California either dry or more dry

Wildfires or earthquakes, 

Pandemic or Racism

Still my Filippino friends would say, we have hot days or hotter days.

Here on earth we have no perfect place, I guess!

It is like our lives in our bodies.

Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, or old age with chronic pains

Dust you are, dust you shall return!

I miss my spiritual home

where I sit still with my Maker,

gazing my Savior on the Cross,

having lively conversation with the Holy Spirit

and have a moment of bliss in this earthly vessel.

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