Season of Falling

Yesterday late at night, 

I heard a news about the death of a young man that I know

He was a little boy when I served a church in Illinois

His parents are respected medical doctor and a UMW volunteer

They provided everything for their three beautiful children

Then I called them who live now in New York from California 

Life happens, they said.

It was God who gave and it was God who took him away

They gave thanks to God who allowed them to enjoy 34 years with their son

In my backyard, a small plot.

I found fallen leaves, many.

Maybe we had wind last night, strong.

I did not hear sound, any.

Yard waste bags are now full

it must be a season.

Spring came and now fall is here.

My church members complain to me,

Pastor Lee, I have aches here and there

My eyes are not good, neither my ears

I am useless and helpless

I ask them, “What is the alternative?”

A young man that I knew died last night.

He was a cute little boy, smart and funny.

God gave us joy and God gives us grief

It is all God, it is all good.

It is now the season for  us to share love

and a poem.

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