One by one

families and friends passed away

as an invitation for me to come

to the still place

where we can find peace together

without racism, wild-fire, COVID-19, and turmoils in Afghanistan

We are all connected

to the One who gives and takes away

forms, sizes, colors, and tones of our bodies

Beyond all those diverse beauty

is the inner beauty

the image of God we all share

The image that we have destroyed for long long time

the image shattered by the waves and winds of the water

the image restored at the center of the Cross

When all the nails are nailed down

and the crown of thorns was put on

we will weep at the bottom of the Cross

For the sins we have committed

for the mistakes that we have made

for the indifference that we have displayed

as we scratch the doors to be open

waiting for us to be accepted

lonely and alone

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