New Creation

Let there be light

God’s vocal cord trembled

Scientists call it a string theory 

We call it creation

Let the waters be parted

Waters above heavens and waters beneath them

Scientists call it a big bang after first inflation

We call it the second day

Let the waters gather in one place 

Let the land appears with life in it

Scientists call it a birth of stars

We call it the third day

Let the sky have sun, moon, and stars

To mark the time-space field

Scientists call it explosion of supernova

We call it the fourth day

Let the waters and skies be filled with life

Let them support eco system

Scientists call it evolution of living cells

We call it the fifth day

Let us make humans in our image

Let them serve our creation as stewards 

Scientists call it human beings

We call them children of God

Good takes rest after creation

Make the seventh day holy

Scientists call it dark energy and dark matters

We call them Sabbath

Universe is still expanding

Because the stories still need to be told 

Praises still need to be sung

We still need to worship our creator with saints!

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