You are my fate

In the heavens above, the stars doth declare,

“No need to roam, with me, stay and share,

For in this vast universe, there be thousands of me,

And countless galaxies, as far as the eye can see.”

As night descends upon us, we draw near,

Creating a universe, devoid of fear,

No compass or map do we need to find our way,

For we are the path, leading to each other each day.

Would you wander in the morning light,

Not knowing if we’ll see the next night?

If we do, then by your side I’ll stay,

For you are my fate, and with you, I’ll never stray.

Ah, why did I wander, searching so long,

Forgetting the places I once did belong,

This moment, this place, is all I desire,

With you by my side, my heart’s true fire.

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