Oh, do not fret about what tomorrow may bring,

For today holds all we truly need.

We have the wind, the sun, and the solid earth beneath our feet,

And beneath it all, the wriggling worms we hardly ever see.

We have rabbits and squirrels who scurry and play,

And rainbows to grace the sky after every stormy day.

We have ponds to sit beside, their waters clear and still,

And friends to share our stories with, to laugh and cry until

We forget our worries and our cares,

And revel in the moment we now share.

Do not fret about the coming year,

For in this one, there’s much to hear.

We have God, who listens to our prayers,

And enemies to keep us on our toes and aware.

We have topics to ponder, issues to fight,

And writers to inspire us through the darkest night.

Enjoy today, my dear, with those who are nearby,

For in their love and warmth, you’ll find true peace and joy.

Do not seek out saints or sages from far away lands,

For the ones you need are just a phone call or email away, at hand.

Life is full of wonder, abundant in its gifts,

And in this moment, I am content, my spirit uplifted and adrift.

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