Tides of Season

In realms of age and ailment we may dwell,

A conduit we become, amidst life’s swell,

To traverse boundless realms, we shall abide,

Through verse and song, our journeys we’ll guide.

For in our poems, melodies entwined,

And should the need arise, sermons we’ll find,

Beyond mere wrinkles and the hands of time,

Our souls entwined with bodies frail, yet prime.

When awakened, we are breath’s gentle grace,

The very essence the Creator embraced,

A cosmic exhalation, divine decree, Infused with life, we wander endlessly.

Tides ebb and flow, in ceaseless motion dance,

While winds, they whisper secrets, perchance,

The snail’s slow crawl, its journey to unfold,

And the old cat’s yawn, a tale left untold.

Then, upon dry bones, the winds do blow,

Resurrecting life from ashes below,

From autumn’s slumber, springs eternal rise,

The universe awakens within these eyes.

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